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Jon's Birthday - Big 60th Coming

(Posted 12/01/07) - My son's birthday is December 14th. Doesn't seem like 60 years ago since he was born -- but when I think of all the years one by one, I guess it really has been a while!

Jon and Pat are coming down to Casey on the 12th to celebrate both Jon's 60th and an early Christmas. Jon says he'll even put up the artificial tree I bought last Christmas and leave it up until he visits mid-January. That's fine with me, since at 88 I'm not too eager to lug trees around (even if they are artificial).

Jon says Matt and Kathy will both be in Glen Ellyn over the holidays for several days. He and Pat are really looking forward to their visit. Jon promised to set up a video-chat session with all of them and me so we can see and talk with each other. It's the next best thing to being there.

Happy Birthday, son!