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My 90th Birthday - Nov. 7, 2009

(Posted 11/10/2009) - We celebrated my 90th birthday, and Pat Wallace's 61st birthday at the Tuscany Steak and Pasta restaurant in Paris, IL last Friday.

Phillip, Imogene, Jon, Pat, Loistel, Mike, Brenda, and myself filled out a large corner table. We enjoyed good food, drink, and conversation -- closing the place down on a late Friday night.

Jon had dropped of their 7-month old Lab at Lisa (Royal) Ebel's just outside Charleston (babysitting is still necessary to avoid the angst of chewed up furniture if he were left alone). We drove back to Charleston to pick Tom up and were back before 11PM.

My neighbor, Martha Reid had attached a large happy birthday decoration with balloons on my door while we were gone. The next day the Bannisters (two houses down) also dropped off a birthday card and confection! Martha stopped by the same morning with a delicious birthday cake (with my name and Pat's name on top).

The week before my Birthday I began receiving birthday cards in the mail from just about everyone -- at first I couldn't figure out how come everyone was remembering my birthday. After a couple of dozen cards arrived I began to suspect that maybe Loistel had 'put the word out.' Sure enough, she had asked everyone she could think of to mail cards wishing me a happy 90th!

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtfullness. I especially enjoyed the personal notes included with many of the birthday wishes.

It was a delightful birthday celebration!