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Jan's 91st, Pat's 62nd - November, 2010

(Posted 11/15/2010) - I celebrated my birthday twice this year, both times at Jon and Pat's home in Glen Ellyn.

On Saturday the 6th Pat, Jon, and I sat down to dinner and afterwards ate a bit of cake to celebrate my 91st birthday (on the 7th), and Pat's 62nd birthday (on the 5th).

I got Pat a 4-year old bottle of red wine (Jon picked it out). Jon and Pat gave me a bottle of Irish Cream (I've taken to to putting a bit in my coffee in the morning and evening).

Then this weekend, the 13th, Matt and Holly came over and we celebrated again. Another great meal (Macaroni Grill) and another great cake!

This time I got a nice fleece warming blanket for sitting in the living room on winter days! Pat got a comfy foot warmer/with fan for all those times she's up in her room working long hours doing genealogy research.

I also got lots of really nice cards in the mail from family and friends -- thanks all, I really enjoyed my 91st!

PS -- I sent Kathy Wallace a gift card for her birthday (Sunday the 14th of November) and she said she planned to use it to buy books online for her new Kindle.