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My 92nd Birthday

(Posted 11/07/2011) - Jon, Pat, Tom and I celebrated Pat's 63rd and my 92nd birthdays Sunday at my apartment. The kids came over with Tom the dog, and Chinese take-out from the Bejing Restaurant in Glen Ellyn.

I had Pot Stickers, Orange Beef, Fried Rice, and Vegetable Lo-Mein. We all had lemon meringue pie for dessert. It was very good.

Even though I continue to struggle with chronic weight-loss, my appetite and enjoyment of food remains. I've taken the standard tests over the last year and nothing seems to show up as out of kilter in scans, x-rays, blood, or other bodily fluids. I continue to enjoy myself and can still get around my apartment unaided so I count myself lucky in that regard.

I wish everyone well as we move towards the Thanksgiving Holidays!