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I'm 93!

(posted 11/7/2012) - I turned 93 this November 7th. Jon and Pat and I celebrated on the Wednesday of the 7th -- I opened gifts from Jon and Pat, Matt and Holly, (grand daughter Kathy says her gift is in transit), from niece Loistel, as well as cards, emails, and phone calls from several others ... it was a great day!

Here are a couple of recent photos. The first was taken at my apartment as I opened a gift of delicious pears. I have already enjoyed several and they go great with ice-cream and chocolate cake!

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On the Sunday following my birthday we drove over to visit Pat's aunt Rita who lives nearby. Rita had just turned 94 the week before, so we re-celebrated our birthdays with a 4-course Italian meal that consisted of too many dishes for me to repeat here.

We of course finished up with cake and ice cream but with more of the delicious pears (I brought two), and also a couple of Hawaiian Papaya that Pat and Jon got me for my birthday. All I can say is we ate for almost 2-hours and were all full to the brim.

I'm looking forward to the coming Holidays and hope you are all doing well. Love, Jan