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Phillip's Antique Auction is Oct 7th!

(Posted 9/9/2006) - Phillip is going to auction most of his antiques and collectibles on Saturday, October 7th, at the Martinsville Fairground Arts Hall.

Patsy is contacting Illinois and Indiana dealers and collectors via phone and email and referring them to a website Jon prepared specially for the auction. It can be viewed by clicking here .

This auction was necessitated by Phil and Imogene's planned move to Houston, TX this fall. They are moving from a large two-story home to a smaller (but elegant) single floor home in Houston. Also, the four-cars worth of garage space, and the basement in Martinsville were filled with Phillip's stuff, so it was either haul it all to Houston and store it, or have one massive sale in Martinsville.

I'm sure Phillip, Imogene, and Patsy will breath a big sigh of relief once the auction is over. They've all invested a lot of energy preparing for the event.