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Kathy, Pat, and Jan's November Birthdays!

(Posted 11/21/06) - the Birthday girls in order of birth date are Pat Wallace (Nov. 5th), Jan Wallace (Nov. 7th), and Kathy Wallace (Nov. 14th).

We all got together in Casey over the weekend of the 12th (well Kathy telephoned in from Seattle) and had a very good multi-birthday celebration. Cake and ice-cream were enjoyed by Pat, myself, my son Jon, and Phillip and Imogene Hurt.

Kathy turned 25, her mother 58, and I am now 87! Definitely a 3-generation perspective!

Earlier in the week my neighbor, Martha also treated me and Phillip and Imogene Hurt (who are moving to Houston at the end of this month) to a wonderful meal at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Terre Haute. I was pleasantly surprised when they brought a special made cake to our table and sang happy birthday!