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I have a New Computer

(Posted 5/8/2007) - A recent power outage resulted in my 4 year old PC giving up the ghost. My son says the Bestec Power Supply used in that model is known to fail prematurely -- taking the motherboard circuitry with it.

So, Jon drove to Terre Haute's Circuit City and bought a nice new Compaq Desktop PC. It is noticeably faster and the Vista Operating System has a similar but different feel to it. My Email, Web-Browsing, and Live Messenger interfaces look pretty much the same so most of what I do is unchanged.

Jon was pulling his hair out getting what he calls 'Vista drivers' for my wireless card, scanner, printer, and webcam. After a long weekend he got it all working and I'm happily back on line.

Just last month Loistel Summerville moved onto DishNetwork's data broadband service. Now she can use the internet and not busy up her phone line. She says the internet is more fun without the long download delays her dial-up connection entailed.

Phillip and Imogene seem to be doing well in Houston. His leg surgery was successful and he is now walking around, continuing with physical therapy. He says he plans to drive back to visit for a while later this summer and will be at the Hurt Reunion.