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Phil and Imogene in Town

(Posted 06/10/07) - Phillip and Imogene drove from Houston to Martinsville in May to prepare their home there for sale. It is now listed and ready to be viewed.

Jon visited about a week ago and took some photos of us all when we got together Sunday.

You can click on any of these pictures to see a larger version. This shot was taken at a restaurant south of Martinsville, called the "Illinois 1 Cafe."

Phillip and Imogene know the owner / operator well and have gone there often over the years, proclaiming it to serve the best broasted chicken around.

Jon, Loistel, and I met Phil and Imogene at the restaruarnt and had a great time. On the way back to their home in Martinsville we watched Phillip do a brake and avoid maneuver as a yearling buck deer ran into the middle of the road and played chicken with Phil's new Van.

Phil later said the deer froze in the middle of the road for a couple of seconds and he had to brake hard since he wasn't sure which way it might jump.

Phil and Imogene brought their three dogs with them of course. The latest addition to their family is a Chihuahua - Rat Terrior mix named Bella. She's officially Imogene's dog but spends equal time with Phillip.

In this photo she is about 7 months old I believe. This dog is a bundle of energy -- I call her Flibberty Gibbet because she never stops moving.

Jon took her and his dog, Strider out to play Frisbee in a fenced in area (Casey football field) and said she could run as fast as his Labrador and raced around the field at about 30 miles/hour until she was exhausted.

This photo is of Red -- an older Australian Border Collie who has been with the family since he was a pup. Red has really enjoyed the move to Houston because now Patsy Hurt takes him for daily walks.

In Houston Phil has arranged the adjoining fenced backyards so that Patsy's adjacent yard is connected with his, allowing the dogs to move freely between both backyards.

They've also installed a dog-door into Patsy's back porch which is air conditioned. This way Red (and Bubba his cousin) can get cooled if if the Houston temps soar too high.

And finally, the oldest member of the dog family is Tinkerbell. She has been feeling poorly and everyone was surprised when she seemed to perk up after returning to Martinsville and visiting her favorite dog groomer.

She is, I believe about 15 years old. These days she likes to lie in cool quite places and be with Imogene whenever the pup is not around.

It was a pleasure getting together under the shade tree by the back porch at Phil and Imogene's Martinsville home. We sat and talked for several hours before heading back to Casey.

I hope the sale of their home there goes well. They will be returning to Houston this coming week and probably won't be back till they close on the house sale.