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Jon and Kathy Visit

(Posted 03/17/2008) - My granddaughter Kathy flew in from Seattle, Washington for a very welcome 3-day visit last week. She brought two beautiful Christmas gifts that she was unable to deliver in 2007.

Jon and Kathy drove down last Monday (the 10th) and stayed through Wednesday. Kathy made a beautiful photo scrap-book with handwritten captions for every picture. She also brought me a very nice digital picture frame loaded with photos of her last vacation in Cancun. Thank you Kathy!

We all had a wonderful time catching up. Kathy is very active as a writer and editor and is applying for summer internships at several Seattle publishing houses. I wish her the best and am confident that she will find her writing / editing talents in demand.

Just before they left to drive back to Glen Ellyn on Wednesday, Jon took a photo of Kathy and I standing in front of my refrigerator. Imagine my surprise when he sent this image -- with a note saying that he'd overlayed the picture with a background shot of Glacier State Park he'd taken last year while visiting Kathy in Seattle. He said now I don't need to fly out there, because we have a photo proving I already visited.