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Phillip Admitted to Hospital for Bleeding Ulcer

(Posted 08/17/2008) - Well, no sooner do I say Phillip is doing well after knee surgery, than he goes back to hospital for a bleeding ulcer!

He was admitted today after complaining of discomfort -- the diagnosis is an ulcer condition. Current treatment for ulcers caused by H. Pylori infection is a course of antibiotics. We don't know yet whether it is a microbial type infection -- I'll post later when the doctor's report is available.

Here's wishing Phillip the best!

Post-Script: Phillip was released today (Wednesday, the 20th) from hospital. He was treated for a bleeding gastric ulcer. They gave him several units of blood followed by glucose -- and did an edoscopy to cauterize the ulcer and to check for H. Pylori (negative, as it turns out).

The current consensus is that Phil has a sensitivity to NSAID anti-inflammatory medicines which pushed him over the edge and caused the ulcer. He is home now and feeling much better.

He continues his physical therapy for the knee operation and is again improving.