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Matt and Holly Adopt Rudy the Dog

My posting is a bit late ... Matt and Holly added a 3rd member to their family more than a week ago. They found a 1-year old Lab-Beagle mix at a rescue center in Kankakee after an internet search for a "black, 40-50 lb. young adult, house trained" dog.

Rudy now lives with Holly and Matt in their Northside Chicago Condo and by all reports is fitting in perfectly. There is a fenced dog park just 4 blocks from the house and Rudy makes a daily trek to play and socialize there. My son Jon and his wife Pat have also gotten Glen Ellyn Dog Park passes for both Rudy and their dog, Strider so when Rudy visits his Uncle Strider they can go to a nice fenced 5-acre park and play in Glen Ellyn.

The picture of Rudy came from an email Jon distributed. He is a perfect sized dog for city life and will probably keep Matt and Holly well exercised! Click on the image for a full size view of Rudy.