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I've Switched from Dialup to Broadband

(Posted 3/11/06) - My son and daughter-in-law have repeatedly asked about availability of broadband services in Casey, IL. Previous to this year the only alternative was a wireless service from Cumberland Internet in nearby Greenup. Unfortunately, even though the monthly service price of around $50 was acceptable, the startup fee of $500 for the radio-transceiver equipment on-premise (installed) was prohibitive. I love the internet, but couldn't see paying such a premium for fast access.

Then MediaCom announced it was providing unbundled broadband cable service to all its customers. The price, just $20/month for the first 3-months, then $43/month afterwards -- no contract agreement required. I jumped in with both feet and have been surfing the net at lightning speeds ever since (about a week now).

I love it -- I leave my PC webbrowser open to my favorite search engine ( and use it to look up information at a moments notice: Everything from local weather, to famous quotes, to reading up on current issues.