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Grandson Matt Wallace Back From Australia

(posted 3/19/06) - My Grandson, Matthew Wallace is currently finishing up a 2-year MBA program at University of Texas (UT) McComb's School of Business. He's accepted a position with Booz-Allen Hamilton starting in October. He'll be working at their Dallas, Tx office.

But, to the current news. Matt found he could get a half-off round-trip ticket to Sidney, Australia over UT's spring break. A school chum happened to be doing a semester abroad in Sidney as part of a UT exchange program and offered to put him up for two weeks. So, Matt hopped a flight right after midterms and has been sunning on the down-under's beaches for the last half of March.

Here's an excerpt describing Sidney that I grabbed from the internet :

"The city of Sydney is located on Australia’s southeastern coast. Sydney is the country’s largest city and with it’s magnificent harbor and strategic position it is also one of the most important ports in the South Pacific. The British established Sydney in 1842. Sydney is the capital city of Australia. It is also the economic powerhouse of the nation. Sydney now attracts the majority of Australia’s immigrants and the city’s predominantly Anglo-Irish heritage."

"The land is both flat and dry. Vast plains can be seen for miles and miles. It is said that one can travel for thousands of miles between cities. The climate in arid. Over two thirds of the continent receives less than 20 inches of rain per year. Plant and animal life is abundant because of the climate, the topography, and the soil."

"Sydney is a place of beauty and adventure. It is the center for international tourist. Lavish hotels and restaurants are found throughout the city. It is the home of many museums, art galleries, and the famous opera house. No matter who you are or where you are from Syndey, the Gateway to The Land Down Under, is the place to visit."