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Wallaces Celebrate Easter 2006

(Posted 4/17/06) - Jon and Pat Wallace joined me in Casey, IL over the Easter Weekend. They brought a unique gift -- a Video camera to attach to my computer to do video-telephone chats.

We tested it with my son's notebook computer and my desktop computer; talking and seeing each other was a fun experience. We will be making calls between Glen Ellyn and Casey using our broadband connections in the future. The Video-chat server we use is provided free by CQphone.

We all went out for Easter dinner at Richard's Farm. Loistel Summerville, Phillip and Imogene Hurt, Pat and Jon and myself all had a great meal and even greater conversation. Special thanks to Loistel for treating everyone! After almost 2 hours at the restuarant we all came back to my home and enjoyed Easter Peeps (those delicious marshmallow treates).

Here's a group shot from my front porch. The only one missing is the photographer, Jon. Click on the small image if you'd like to see a full size photo.